Rufus Download – Bootable USB Media Creation Tool

Rufus Download is a very simple and unique windows tool to create bootable pen drives, memory sticks and memory chips using Windows or Linux ISO files. So you no need to use your CD drive to install your operation system. This is the fastest way to create USB bootable media.  You also can use Rufus to create free dos OS system without ISO files.

Rufus Download
Rufus Download

Download Rufus  – Version 2.11

Bootable Media Creation Guide 

Download and Unzip the files.

Step 02
Open the Rufus and Insert your USB Drive.

Step 03 
Choose your Windows ISO file.

Step 04
Click Strat Button and Click OK  button to Format your Flash Drive and strat the Process.

Step 05 
Remove the Flash Drive when the process is done and you now have the fully functional USB bootable disk.

Benefits of Download Rufus 

Did not need CD or DVD to Install operating System
You can use bootable pen drives to newest laptops that did not have the CD Drive
Easy to use
Did not damage the Flash Drive
New feature to create UEFI bootable disks
Support multiple Languages 

FAQ about Rufus

Q: Will it harm to my Computer?
A: No

Q: Can I use my Flash Drive again?
A: Yes, You can use your Flash drive after formatting again.

Q: Is it free?
A: Yes, Rufus is a 100% free tool

Q: What are the System requirements for the Rufus
A: Windows XP or newer, 32 or 64 bit

Q: Does it work in MAC?
A: Unfortunately it is available only for Windows at this time

Q: Can I create UEFI bootable disks?
A: Yes, You can create UEFI and MBR partition disks

Q: Does it support Linux ISOs?
A: Yes it supports Linux ISOs

Video Guide for Using Rufus 

Developer Credits goes Pete Batard/Akeo